• JOMBA is 3X more effective than any other workout.

  • JOMBA is 3X more effective than any other workout.

  • The complexity of the exercises guarantees that one's whole body will be strengthened.

  • The high intensity intervall program based on a variation of jumping and dancing routine on trampoline.


ALL participants credits can be refunded upon request or be used for the upcoming online classes.


Jumping on trampolines and getting fit

What is Jomba?

JOMBA is a unique form of training….because you're on a trampoline! Simple! It is the newest fitness 'craze' for adventurous professionals and fitness junkies to really push your comfort zone (even further than they’ve been pushed before!), for you to have fun and really get the most from your fitness routine.

Why Jomba?

JOMBA is a brilliant way to INCREASE your stamina, BURN up to 1200 calories in a class, BOOST your cardiovascular fitness and have FUN - all whilst looking after your joints, thanks to the soft trampoline surface. And the most important thing? You feeling ready to fly…
Donna, Andika jumping on trampolines at JFS

How does Jomba work?

The complex workout and the constant gravitational changes guarantees that the whole body will be trained up much more than with most other endurance sports. Our mission is to change your life, through jumping. You turn up. And we do the rest (well, kind of)! Visit our Timetable, Register and get addicted with JOMBA.

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  • 6th - 13rd July

    EARLY BIRDS PRICE £365 (until 01/06/2020)
  • 12nd -16th Aug 2020

    EARLY BIRDS PRICE £265 (until 01/07/2020)

Every class is a new challenge.

  • ✔ Jomba Classes

    Jomba is based on low impact which is also a high intensity workout on a small trampoline for 50 mins. Its a combination of fast, slow, strong and soft jumping moves involving basic dance routines. We repeat the same choreography routine for a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks while you improve your confidence and your fitness level. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.
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  • ★ Jomba Private hire

    We can train you almost anywhere. Either at home or office training or small groups hire or for hen nights even birthday parties or we can go to festivals too, last but not least sport clubs.
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  • 📅 Jomba Events

       Is a whole 2 hour marathon challenge, sometimes we call it battle or party involved with more Jumping brands in one place. You will have the opportunity to try out different styles and types of jumping movements, fitness workout programs on different trampolines and be a part of an incredible experience where the vibe and energy are unforgettable. Come and feel the power of the music, the energy and feel the burning like fire. PLEASE CHECK THE NEXT VENUE ON OUR TIMETABLE
      If you love the rhythm and love pictures and appearing in the social spotlight than your place is here. We get involved in brand promotion, videos, dressing up, coloured parties. Please join us and get to know our TEAM and JOMBA club members.
      Deepen you skills of jumping and other fitness workouts with additional services provided.